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Nothing special today just wanted to share some fun pictures with everyone.  I hope everyone got a fun creep out from the site and remember to come back next year for more creeps and scares!!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!





























































A Halloween Story……

I wrote this last year and wanted to share it again this year…..



Twas the nightmare before Halloween when all through the place, not a zombie was stirring, no not even a trace. The bodies were hung by their coffins with care, in hopes that the devil soon would be there. The vampires were snug all tight in their tombs, while visions of blood swirled into their doom. The spawn in her kerchief and I in my noose, had just settled our brains for a sip of the juice. When out in the graveyard there rose such a shatter, I sprang from tomb to see what was the matter. Away to the window I zipped like a flash, threw open the bars and threw out the stash. The moon gazed down on the new fallen blood, gave the sickining of mid-day to objects that dug. But what to my spooky eyes did appear, but a creepy old sleigh and eight boney deer. With a fearful of sight and demon so quick, I knew in a moment it must be Sa-tin. More rapid than theives his monsters they came, he snarled and shouted them all by name. “Now Michael, Now Jason, Now Freddy and Gein, on Dexter on Lecter on Hannibal and Feigned, to the top of the ridge, to the top of wall! Now Kill away, Kill away, Kill away all!” As the dead monsters before, oh how the beasts they did fly, when they meet with a rush and mounted to sky. So up to the ridge top the monsters they flew, with a sleigh full of weapons and Satin too. And then in a heartbeat I heard on the roof, the scratching and clawing of each little hoof. As I drew in from the bars and was turning to some, down from the dungeons the devil had come. He was dressed all in red from his hoof to his horn, as his clothes were all tarnished and his face had been scorned. With a sack full of knives hung round his neck, he looked good and ready to give a good stick. He’s eyes were so black like the new fallen night, his cheeks were bulging from his fangs full of might. His crackling smile was giving me chills; I knew that he came to come get his thrills. The stump of a finger clenched tight in his teeth, while ashes and dust circled beneath. He had a deep face with horns might strong; I knew in a moment something was wrong. He was gory and bloody that old demon beast, and I cringed when I watched him, he was finding his feast. A glare of his eye and jerk of his head, I knew a flash that I soon might be dead. He snarled not a word and went straight to his work, grabbing the bodies and turned with a jerk. And laying his claw aside of his snout, he sprang to his sleigh and gave out a shout, “Now I will go with my beasts to the sky, until we meet on the day that you die.” He cracked his long whip and then in a flash, they were gone from the ridge with a bang and a clash. But I head him growl as he flew out of sight, “Beware one and all and sleep nice and tight!”

Day Twentyeight…..

2 more days till you get your kicks,

2 more days till you get your tricks.

Soon the ghouls will roam the street,

Please beware when you trick or treat!

Day 28!!!!  2 more days till the big day.  I’m a little bummed however because Halloween I know has changed since I was a kid.  I know that most towns don’t do neighborhood trick or treating and most of that stuff is done at like local malls.  I remember going out right after dinner with a pillowcase and staying out as late as your parents would let you.  You knew the houses that had the best candy and it was the best night of your life.   It meant you got to be someone else for the night and guaranteed candy in your lunch for the next month.

Now that I am older I can’t on this time of year for some good ol’ grown up scares and tricks.  This is the perfect time of year for some great movies and some awesome “big people” parties.  Well getting on with today’s creep scene, I’m gonna pick another from The Shining.  I’m sure some still want to see the classic “hallway scene” so here it.  “Hello Danny, come and play with us” oooh chills….

Costume pick of the day: You know its every girls dream to be this cute little fairy.  She is a little feisty and of course pretty.  Go as Tinkerbell, it’s a sexy little outfit for a fun night out on the town.






Treat of the day: You won’t be able to find these and definitely won’t be able to pass them out this year to the kids, they to my knowledge might have even stopped production on them.  Well my local candy store doesn’t sell them anymore that’s for sure but they are one of my favorites.  TART N TINYS!!!!

Day Twentysix….

Creepy crawlies in the night,

They come out to look for fight.

Among their chamber bed they wait,

They will soon seal your fate.

No excuse guys, my internet has been down for the past 2 days, frickin Comcast.  Anyways totally my bad you are missing out on my creep scenes.  I feel bad for not having an official 5 day countdown.  But let’s look on the bright side we only got 3 days left to go and it’s HALLOWEEN!!!  I’m soo excited I gotta tell ya it’s a great feeling this time of year.

I watched a movie the other day I found on Netflix and I was hoping to share a scene with you.  It’s a little newer of a movie I think and it was hard to find one awesome specific scene from this movie.   Looks like you can find the full movie in parts on youtube, but at least check out this preview.  This movie is F***ED UP!!!  CRAZY!!!  I can’t even really explain it, it’s just, twisted!!

Costume pick of the day: I saw this costume today actually and thought it was the BEST idea.  I saw twins that were dressed as Umpa-Lumpas.  It was awesome, they were the great originals too!!  Can’t get any more original than that.  Tell me when you have seen this costume?  hahahahahahahah AWESOME!!







Treat of the day: BUBBLE TAPE!!  I used to love bubble gum growing up and this stuff was great!!

Day Twentythree……

Bloody knives and spooky scenes,

Murderous psychos and horrible feigns.

Monsters with their angry wraths,

Killers come for blood baths.

Day 23 and I’m sorry but today is going to be short and sweet.  I’m skippin the foreplay and getting this spookfest started.  Today’s creep scene is going to one of my favorite movies of all time, The Shining.  I know I could have picked the classic “hallway” scene, but I decided to go with this little piece.  This kid absolutely freaks me out and he does such a great job here.  “Redrum, Redrum, Redrum!!”  I love it!!  The knife, the lipstick “redrum”, the music it’s a great scene that I think goes a long way.

Costume pick of the day: Ok I’m sorry I had to post this.  My boyfriend and I stopped by the Halloween store and we were just goofing around.  Go as Obama, hey it’s scary!!  Hee Hee!!





Treat of the day: SOUR PUNCH STRAWS!!!  I know you can’t pass these out for Halloween but they are so my favorite.  I know its crazy sugar but actually using them as straws for soda isn’t all that bad!!  Give it a try!

Day Twentytwo……

The Zombies walk,

The Psychos stalk,

Out for your blood.

The creeps have come,

The freaks have come,

The Creep Show has begun.

*If you click on the white space you will see the clip!!!  I promise, I apologize for the way this looks.

Day 22, I’m so excited that after this weekend we have ourselves a week long countdown that’s sure to give the ultimate creep out.  On kind of a side note I’m curious to know how many of you are aware of the importance of this October.  Apparently this October is a little special because we have 5 full weekends.  Some are saying that this only happens like every 800 years.  Now after doing some research this might not be totally true.  So I think it is safe to say that at least this doesn’t happen very often therefore making it a little special.  Ok enough of that, on with the Creep Scene!!!!

I love this car, I love this movie, the soundtrack is brilliant and its frickin Carpenter!!!  Christine is so beautiful, and truly creepy I salute her today with her lovely kill to Moochie Welch.  Christine doesn’t take crap from anyone and she lets you know how things are going down.

Costume pick of the day: I’m having a tough time here and I’m not sure what to pick.  Just cause I think it would be funny you would have to be willing to throw down so serious cash I would imagine, why not go as Chewbacca?  You would just have to get his voice/sound down right.

Treat of the day: These used to be pretty popular when I was in high school.  It was actually a really smart idea.  Carmel Apple pops?!?!?  Gotta love them!!

Day Twenty One…..

The days are coming to a close,

Beware of ghouls, monsters, foes.

In the night they scream and howl,

Waiting for something fowl.

Day 21 and I believe if my calculations are correct we are at a 10 day count down!!  Pretty exciting stuff!!  It’s rather late for this post I know, it’s been a rather long day for me and I’m just now getting a chance to sit at my computer.  I’ll just get right into it.   Someone suggested this clip from The Thing for me and I have to say it’s pretty awesome.  I am sad to say that I actually have never seen this movie, but after watching this awesomely creepy scene I think I’ll give it a whirl.  Blood testing, ewww.

Costume pick of the day: As mentioned yesterday we are coming down to the wire and not much time to get too creative with making anything fancy.  So from here on out I’m going to have to pick some store bought options.  So for my first suggestion I’m going with Sally from a Nightmare before Christmas.  I love this movie and I love her character, would be fun to dress up as for your upcoming Halloween bash.  Or for my guys out there, there is always Jack Skelington.  Aww it could be a couple’s costume!!  How cute!!






Treat of the day: One for all and all for one!!  It’s the smooth and I believe low in fat, 3 Musketeers bar.  SO light, it floats!!  :-)

Day Twenty……

Witches on their scary brooms,

Zombies walk to reach your doom.

The ghouls come out and stalk at night,

They all come out, prepare to fight.

Day 20!!!  It’s really coming up fast and around my neck of the woods it’s starting to actually feel like October.  A little late I know but the cool weather is finally coming and it’s great!!  It’s nice to be able to have what I call great movie watching weather.  I’m going a little old school today and picking a scene from a classic, The Exorcist Linda Blair really does her thing in this movie doesn’t she?  I saw this movie for the first time when I was around 13 and I have to tell you, it scared me.  I watch it now and some of it is kind of funny, but the concept for the time I’m sure was pretty freaky.  Well it freaked me out the first time I saw this film and I’m sure it still scares some.  So my hats off to you Miss Linda Blair and your crazy spider walk!!

Costume pick of the day: Well if you don’t have a costume picked by now you should really get crackin.  It’s probably a little late to actually make anything, so you may have to go to store bought.  But to try and avoid store bought and a quick easy costume go as Peter Griffin.  This guy is so funny and I’ve never seen this costume before.  Green pants and a white button up shirt.  For effect you could get yourself some face parts from your local Halloween store to get the effect of the chin.  Not a bad idea if you ask me!!


Treat of the day: Not a big chewer of the stuff now but I remember being a kid and having challenges with my friends on how many pieces you could fit in your mouth at one time.  Double Bubble gum all the way baby.  Have a bubble blowing contest with your friends!!!

Day Nineteen……

Trick or Treat till your heart’s content,

Give a spook till you are spent.

Let the kids come out to play,

Scare them good so they won’t stay.


Day 19 and I carved my second pumpkin today.  Didn’t turn out the best I would have liked.  It was a very thick pumpkin and very hard to carve.  But I did the best I could.  He is a little creepy looking so I can’t totally complain.  I really would like to get the heads rolling and start on with my creep fest.  Today’s creep scene is going to a Japanese film called Audition.  This is pretty long clip but a total creep out for sure!!!  I am actually a big fan of foreign horror films.  I think they really know their stuff and I will say on a side note that I get rather upset that we Americans copy such great films and frankly ruin them sometimes.  I’ll talk a bit about another movie that I saw and again another French film.  THEM or known as Ils, is one of the movies that truly scared me.  I was at home alone one night and decided to watch it as it was recommended by another horror loving freak that I know.  This movie has no real special effects or blood or gore to speak of.  It plays on true fear.  A must see this season.  Anyway as we do in our fashion the Americans decided to do a re-make with The Strangers.  I was not at all thrilled with this version of the film.  I didn’t find it as scary as its predecessor.  None the less Audition should do it for you.  This is just one creep scene that is sure to make your stomach curl.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.  Let me know what you think.

Costume pick of the day: I was doing some searching on Amazon for some costume ideas and I thought this was a great idea.  I don’t recommend spending the $40-$50 they are asking but after looking this is something you can easily do yourself.  Again stop by your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and find yourself some red pants and a blue shirt with a funny red hat all you would have to do is find yourself the beard.   Now you’re all set to be the best PAPA SMURF ever.  I think this is a very original idea.

Treat of the day: My bank offers these when you go in and I absolutely just love them.  What gives with the mystery flavor?  Oh well they are yummy in my book and I’m sure all the kids on the block will love them also!!!  Crazy DUM DUM!!!!

Day Eighteen…..

Spider legs and wings of bats,

The special brew is where it’s at.

Mix it up until it’s done,

Drink it up and have some fun.

Day 18 and I got another pumpkin yesterday. I have not carved it yet so I’ll be doing that later and I’ll post some more pics. I found the carving process of my first pumpkin so easy I had to do it again.

Today’s creep scene goes to a more recent movie Zombieland. I could have picked the zombie kill of the week but I’m actually going with this little number in the grocery store. Tallahassee really wants his Twinkie and he’s not letting any Zombie get in his way. So this is my triple zombie kill of the week!!

Costume pick of the day: I picked his brother the other day but you could use the same idea with just a green shirt and be Luigi. He’s funny looking!! Don’t forget Yoshi!!

Treat of the day: I love these chewy little bursts of fruit. Startbursts are great and so much fun to eat. Not sure they are good for your teeth though. Hey who cares it’s Halloween!!! Eat as much candy as you want!! Do now and apologize to your dentist later.

Day Seventeen……

It’s pumpkin time,

It’s costume time,

Time to Trick or Treat.

It’s spooky time,

It’s party time,

Time to smell my feet.




















Day 17 and today I carved my pumpkin!!  I think it turned out pretty well actually.   I ended up getting one of those booklets with stencils in them.  I carved this all myself and I’m pretty excited about it.  Well enough about my pumpkin today’s creep scene is going to Carrie.  Her plan for revenge is brutal but some would say deserved.  What do you think?  I think she’s a little crazy if you ask me.  (I apologize for the length of the clip but I really think the full scene should be seen to get the full effect.)



Costume pick of the day: Willy Wonka!!  This actually could be very easy to pull off.  If you are good with sewing you could make this purple jacket.  Your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store might have the pants and shirt you are looking for.  My mom actually decided to be Willy Wonka one year and she made an awesome purple jacket out of felt.  Felt is cheap and she found the perfect pattern.







Treat of the day: Since I picked the candy man why not go with his favorite, CHOCOLATE!!  I’m going with only the best chocolate.  I’m sure the kids would love to get this in their trick or treat bag this year but I know they come in perfect little mini’s.

Day Sixteen……

Day 16 will come and pass,

But the haunt will last and last.

The spooks within will catch your kin,

Their crazy antics cause a spin.

Day 16 of course and it’s getting so close now.  Went out for a drive yesterday and saw some great decorations.  Today was like my Friday so my weekend has started.  I plan to carve my pumpkin tomorrow and I will have pics posted so look out for that.

I did some creep clip searching the past couple of days and I think I found some killer ones for all of you spook heads.  Today I’m picking another creepy scene from High Tension.  I got to say the French really seem to know what they are doing.  This is just too much, too much awesomeness.  Check out this creepy scene and get your mutilation on.  Eww…….

Costume pick of the day: HA HA HA HA get a pair of overalls a red sweater/long sleeve shirt go as Mario.  What a funny guy.  Don’t forget the mushrooms!!

Treat of the day: There tangy, sweet, and small and I can always scarf down a whole tube of them in one sitting cause they are so good.  Ta Da, Sweettarts.

Day Fifteen…..

The devil dwells within your soul,

Making you, his own fool.

The demon hour comes in quick,

Try to dodge it and be slick.

Day 15 and also the day I purchased my pumpkin.  Why so late you ask?  Well I live in an apartment complex and I’m on the second story.  They way my balcony faces I get the sun pretty much all day.  My pumpkins always dry out and get gross before Halloween.  Well it is only the 15th maybe it’s not that late.  Well anyway I’m kind of stoked for today’s pick.  I got to say I really like how Jennifer Carpenter did this.  Exorcism of Emily Rose was a pretty good flick and she made it what it was.  This scene is a little long I know but watch it to at least till 8 min in and you get the idea.  It’s a creepy scene no doubt.

Costume pick of the day: I love the sport and there are ways you can fun it up, but maybe this year go to your favorite bash as a Hockey player.  Get some cool beat up toothless make-up and your set.  It’s an easy idea that might get some laughs!!








Treat of the day: I’ll taste the rainbow today and go for some Skittles.  They’re fruity and small and pretty awesome.  Sour Skittles are pretty good also.  Yummmm……..


Day Fourteen…..

Today is the day the spooks will come,

Today is the day that is no fun.

The Zombies come to scare your hood,

They will eat your brains and blood for food.

It’s Day 14, and I don’t know about the rest of the world but it has been one heavy HOT day!!  I’m a little bummed because it’s October and it should start cooling down.  That’s the crappy thing about living where I live, it’s always warm outside.  Anyway I know you haven’t come here to hear me talk about the weather.  So let’s get this gore rolling shall we?  I found this movie on Netflix a while back and I was pretty impressed with it.  I couldn’t find any one particular clip on it so I just decided to give you the trailer.  For any with an X-Box and is able to watch instant Netflix please search for this movie this month.  It will get you in the mood of some creep but it does have a very original story line.  I think my horror loving freaks will enjoy this.  Not in the horror genre I would say but definitely creepy.  I’m talking about a movie called Senseless.  It’s crazy what happens to the main character in this movie.  Whew sucks to be him!!

Costume pick of the day: Some guys I work with a few years ago went to a Halloween party as a couple of typical white trash guys.  They said all they had to buy were the mullet wigs.  Everything else they got from their dads!  A pair of jeans, work boots, and a flannel shirt.  Carried a beer all night and they played the part well I heard.  I got to see some pictures and this costume was a brilliant easy idea.

Treat of the day: That oh so good, crispity, crunchity, carmally, chocolaty, goodness.  And then there is ANOTHER one when you’re done with the first one!!!  Can’t get any better than that!!

Day Thirteen…..

Watch your luck and watch your step,

Inside fear is what you’ve kept.

Keep it close and don’t forget,

What’s in store and all that’s left.

Luck day 13!!  I wish it was Friday the 13th but it’s only Wednesday the 13th and that I can live with.  I’m just going to get right into the creep today and not play around.  I at least owe you that since I was so thoughtless yesterday.  Today’s creep scene comes from again Rob Zombie, this was his take on the classic Halloween.  Some will shun me for this but I don’t care.  I liked what Rob Zombie did with this and it wasn’t that bad.  He can for sure pull of creepy.  That kid is just too much!!  “Happy Halloween Boo”

Costume pick of the day: Why not get the mask and go classic and be Michael!!  He’s always a fav at parties and you really can’t go wrong with him!!









Treat of the day: I have never seen this passed out for Halloween but would love it if they were.  But why not a Skor bar.  They are sooo good and crunchy, mmmm…

Day Twelve…..

With ghosts that walk in the dead of night,

Make sure you walk nice and right.

They will haunt and scare you straight,

Watch your step and watch your fate.

Day twelve, first I would like to apologize for not putting this out yesterday.  I honestly totally forgot about my website and didn’t realize that I hadn’t updated it until I was already in bed.  So I’m sorry that I’m a day behind but I will update from yesterday and today and we will be all up to date!!  Thanks you for your patience with me.

I hope everyone had a spooktacular weekend and I hope everyone is getting their Halloween decorations up.  Day twelve’s creep scene is going to a little death scene from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  This was a little classic that made the way for a lot of greats!!  Enjoy the gore!!

Costume pick of the day: I have 2 of them and it would be a very easy costume to pull off for the ladies.  Get a nice black tight outfit, and all you would have to purchase are some ears and a tail and you got yourself one sexy black cat costume.  Easy as pie!! Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!!








Treat of the day: Candy corn.  These little morsels are pretty good and every Halloween party to should have a bowl full of them at the snack table!!


Day Eleven…..

In my special brew I’ll put,

The legs of spiders and a newt.

With special blood for just a taste,

Let it sit don’t stir in haste.

Today is my Birthday.  Day Eleven!!  A great day!!  I wasn’t able to get over to the pumpkin patch today was a little more domestic than I would have liked to have been today but none the less it was my last day off of work and some things needed to be done.

I wanted to share with you today something I found last year and I think would be a great Halloween gift for any Horror loving freak you have in mind.  You send this guy a photo and re-does it will paint you but more Zombie Like.  I encourage you to check it out!!!  Click here for Zombie Portraits.

The creep scene today is going to a little number from again Rob Zombie.  This however is from his second installment of House of 1000 Corpses its sequel, Devils Rejects.  It’s just creepy when that girl runs out with the guys face on her and she gets hit by that bus.  OUCH!!  Sucks to be her!!  Also sucks for that housekeeper, I would hate to have to clean that bathtub!!!

Costume pick of the day: Go to your local fabric store and get yourself one of those pumpkin outlines, you know the ones you end up stuffing and cover the top part of your body.  Last year I made it a little smaller than what the outline called for.  I used red felt, felt is cheap.  Sewn on black dots on the back.  Wore some stretch black shorts with tights and long black boots and I was a ladybug!!  It turned out super cute and was a big hit!!  This is the basic idea but without that stupid hat.  My red upper jumpsuit type things was a little more fitting.  The boots help make it sexy.






Treat of the day: Going to the smooth and simple Milky Way.  OOOOHH I love its Carmely goodness.  You do realize this is basically a Snickers bar without the peanuts.




Day Ten….

The Zombies will come and eat your brains,

They will suck it out until you’re drained.

So watch out I hope you can run,

Getting your brains sucked will not be much fun.

Day 10 and its spooky Sunday!!  I know a few days ago I said I was going to go to the giant pumpkin patch but some bad luck was in my sight and I was unable to go.  Hopefully I can make the trip tomorrow and share some pics with everyone.  So I’m just going to jump right to it, today’s creep scene is going to not really a horror movie but I just watched it for the first time the other night and thought this scene in Fargo was a little creepy.  So I decided to share.  Enjoy!!!

Costume pick of the day: I was however able to go the Halloween store today (a different one) and I saw some pretty cool costume Ideas.  I know I’m breaking my theme of non store-bought but I saw a Gumby costume that I thought was pretty cool.

Treat of the day: Hungry why wait?  Grab a Snickers.  Its filling, chocolaty, peanuty, and oh soo good!!  It’s always a big hit for the little trick or treaters.

Day Nine……

The freaks will stalk,

The dead will walk,

Don’t stay or stray.

Keep your head,

It’s left unsaid,

If you lose you’ll soon be dead.

Day 9 and what a great day for me!!  I went to the Renaissance Faire today with my mom for my birthday weekend and I had a blast!!!  Also stopped by a produce market and picked up a couple of pumpkins!!  Anyway, getting on with the creep scene, I’m moving to something foreign.  High Tension is a French film that is just outrageously twisted!!!  A must see this time of year.  Hear you will a find a little of what is in store for you if you dare venture to watch this movie!!  Good Luck getting out alive!!

Costume pick of the day: I was at the Halloween store today and I saw a number of clown costumes.  Now I’m not a big fan of clowns but do have to admit this is an outlet for getting really creative.  You can pretty much do anything with this type of character.  It can go scary, creepy, silly and anything else in between.  All you really need is some good makeup!!





Treat of the day: I’m not going to pick candy today.  When I was little I grew up in a fairly large but close nit neighborhood.  I lived in a court along a street that was compiled of other courts.  In the court next to mine down the street a lady would pass out glow necklaces to all the kids.  We would always make that one of the first stops so you would have something glowtastic to wear all night long!!  The kids will love them I promise!!

Day Eight continued……

On a side note today I was able to get over to the Halloween store.  Took some pics to share…….

Day Eight…….

The psychos come out late at night

Make sure your safe and sleeping tight.

They chase you down and make you go insane,

It’s your life they’ve come to claim.

Day Eight today and it’s Friday.  Happy Friday to all!!  I was introduced to this movie a while back and it’s a little….. well it’s Clive Barker.  Not much to add here really just that this scene in Midnight Meat Train is something to check out.  It was in my Creep bag so I thought I would share.  Gotta love those special effects.  Vinnie Jones is one of my favorite actors and he’s such a badass!!

Costume pick of the day: I’m saying go as a cowboy just because I wanted to share this pic with everyone.  It’s not animal cruelty I promise he liked it, it wasn’t totally for myself pleasure.  It is pretty funny though.  Last year we bought a chicken hat look out for those pics soon!!

Treat of the day: I’m going to attempt to spell this right, Whatchamacallit.  I had one of these for the first time a few weeks ago and it’s really good!!!  Not sure if they will come in your standard Halloween candy bag but I’m pretty sure kids today have not heard of them and most likely will enjoy it!!  I know I did.

Day Seven……

With the worms and dirt in your head,

You live among the weary dead.

Once a year you come alive,

To raise the fear that lives inside.

Day Seven and I’m happy to report that I am officially starting a little mini vacation.  For the next four days I will be off of work and free to enjoy myself.  The reason for me telling you this?  I plan to visit Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Patch in Morgan Hill, CA.  I have heard it is a must see and I’m pretty excited about it.  I plan to take pictures so keep an eye out for those soon!!

Let’s get this party started shall we?  Today my creep scene is going one crazy guy!!  Mr. Patrick Batemen in American Psycho.  WOAH!!  Right?  What can we say really other than…….  “It’s hip to be a Square”

Costume pick of the day: When I was in grade school, I think maybe it was 4th grade I dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein.  My mother and I went to the goodwill and bought an old white prom dress or bridesmaid dress I can’t quite remember which.  We tore it up a bit and ripped shreds of white linens and wrapped them around my arms.  Painted my face white and applied more hairspray in my hair than I care to remember.  A few sprays of white and black on the sides and I won second place for best costume in the school!!  Just a little off the wall idea.

Treat of the day: I’m gonna say it and I’m a little shocked I have not said it sooner but it’s going to my FAVORITE today!!  Sour Patch Kids!!  “First their sweet then their sour”.

Day Six….

Come to my house,

Don’t run and hide.

It will make you squirm,

What you will find inside.

My basement’s full of spooky tricks,

I’m sure you’ll find and get your kicks.

Day 6 and it’s starting to feel like Halloween is drawing near.  I was driving to work today and I saw about 4 houses along my way that were decorated and ready for this awesome spooky day!  Today for the creep scene pick, is going to a movie I know some will disagree with me on.  That’s OK!  I call on to all that disagree, but scene in Rob Zombies first attempt at film, House of 1000 Corpses.  This is not only funny but we get some good brain/skull footage.  Can’t complain!  How about some fried chicken?

Costume pick of the day: Let’s make it simple!  Why not just grab a white sheet and get yourself in a toga!  Hey why not?  Less is more right?  Grab a wreath/headpiece from a local craft store and your good for your Halloween bash!!









Treat of the day: “How ya doin Chuck?” I’m pickin the York (peppermint that is) today!  I love this cool little guy and she’s cool too!!  Pretty yummy and minty fresh!!

Day Five…..

The midnight hour is drawing near,

Try really hard to hide your fear.

The ghouls will come and sneak up on you,

Make sure to watch your back, you fool.

It’s Day 5 and I have a wonderfully spooky, gloomy, day on my hands.   Not much to tell today just want to start this creep show and get the gore on.  Today’s creep scene goes to another Hitchcock great, The Birds.  When that guy has his eyes poked out!!  CREEPY!!!  For old school that man sure knew his stuff.  Another one of my favorites by Mr. Hitchcock has to be Rear Window.  Not totally horror or creepy, just very well written and directed.  A classic movie that’s a must see for this time of year!

Costume pick of the day: How about a 50’s girl or guy.  Both can be easily made with a little time.  A great poodle skirt can make the look with a button up shirt and scarf.  For the guys all you need is some nice tight jeans, black leather jacket, black boots, and some grease for the mop on your head!!  Don’t forget the smokes in your shirt sleeves for the rebel in you!!

Treat of the day: Saw my mom today and so she requested one of her favorites to be put on the list.  HOT TAMALES she LOVES these little red hot’s and wanted to make sure I gave them some love.  So don’t forget these little treats in your candy bowl this year!


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