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Archive for October 3, 2010

Day Three…..

The moon is full watch your step

The wolves are out, time to fret.

They will smell you out, you better run

To be caught by them is no fun.

First, please accept my apology for delivering this so late tonight.  I have been rather sick all day.  But here we are, ready to give you what you came for.  For the creep scene today I picked a little something off of the wall.  I saw this movie a while back and it creeped me out a bit it’s a little on the SiFi side today I picked a scene from the movie Cube.  This made for TV movie didn’t turn out so bad in my opinion.  The Cube has a mind of its own, be careful where you step and avoid those death traps!

Costume pick of the day: I watched this movie for the second time a while back and thought about her for a costume idea.  Coraline.  She is soo cute and I think if you got creative you could really have fun with this costume.  A blue wig would go nicely with a yellow rain coat and boots.  Also for those who like to go a little sexy how about taking the outfit the “other mother” gives her and adjust it a bit.  She wear black pants, a blue sweater with silver stars, and blue boots.  Sass it up a bit!  Short black mini skirt with fish net stockings, blue high heels, a sexy blue shirt with silver stars, easily made with the right fabric!!

Treat of the day: M&M’s!!!!  I love these little candies!!!  Ok I’ll say it to be nostalgic, “They melt in your mouth, not in your hand”