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Archive for October 9, 2010

Day Nine……

The freaks will stalk,

The dead will walk,

Don’t stay or stray.

Keep your head,

It’s left unsaid,

If you lose you’ll soon be dead.

Day 9 and what a great day for me!!  I went to the Renaissance Faire today with my mom for my birthday weekend and I had a blast!!!  Also stopped by a produce market and picked up a couple of pumpkins!!  Anyway, getting on with the creep scene, I’m moving to something foreign.  High Tension is a French film that is just outrageously twisted!!!  A must see this time of year.  Hear you will a find a little of what is in store for you if you dare venture to watch this movie!!  Good Luck getting out alive!!

Costume pick of the day: I was at the Halloween store today and I saw a number of clown costumes.  Now I’m not a big fan of clowns but do have to admit this is an outlet for getting really creative.  You can pretty much do anything with this type of character.  It can go scary, creepy, silly and anything else in between.  All you really need is some good makeup!!





Treat of the day: I’m not going to pick candy today.  When I was little I grew up in a fairly large but close nit neighborhood.  I lived in a court along a street that was compiled of other courts.  In the court next to mine down the street a lady would pass out glow necklaces to all the kids.  We would always make that one of the first stops so you would have something glowtastic to wear all night long!!  The kids will love them I promise!!