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Archive for October 15, 2010

Day Fifteen…..

The devil dwells within your soul,

Making you, his own fool.

The demon hour comes in quick,

Try to dodge it and be slick.

Day 15 and also the day I purchased my pumpkin.  Why so late you ask?  Well I live in an apartment complex and I’m on the second story.  They way my balcony faces I get the sun pretty much all day.  My pumpkins always dry out and get gross before Halloween.  Well it is only the 15th maybe it’s not that late.  Well anyway I’m kind of stoked for today’s pick.  I got to say I really like how Jennifer Carpenter did this.  Exorcism of Emily Rose was a pretty good flick and she made it what it was.  This scene is a little long I know but watch it to at least till 8 min in and you get the idea.  It’s a creepy scene no doubt.

Costume pick of the day: I love the sport and there are ways you can fun it up, but maybe this year go to your favorite bash as a Hockey player.  Get some cool beat up toothless make-up and your set.  It’s an easy idea that might get some laughs!!








Treat of the day: I’ll taste the rainbow today and go for some Skittles.  They’re fruity and small and pretty awesome.  Sour Skittles are pretty good also.  Yummmm……..