Grand central for everything spook, gore, twisted, bloody, creepy, and down right sick

Day Twentyseven…..

Monsters plotting, your death to come real quick,

Your blood will drip your heart will stop,

Enough to make you sick.

Day 27 and holy crap guys Halloween is this Sunday!!  Pumpkins are out on porches, houses being decorated, TV finally playing some cool movies.  Let’s get this head rolling with today’s creep scene.  I’m going with Tina’s death from Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I just watched a Bio actually on this movie the other day.  They used a rotating room for this scene and I like how it turns out.  Give it a gander.  But I’m sure if you are here you have seen this great movie classic already!!

Costume pick of the day: I was this a few years ago.  It’s a cute little costume, not a bad idea I think.







Treat of the day: Saw this today in the drug store and I was mad at myself that I had not mentioned them yet.  But I really like Milk Duds.  Even though they get stuck to my teeth.

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