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Day Two…. 29 days left…..

Welcome to day two, as I mentioned yesterday you won’t really see too much going on here until later this week.  I still wanted to drop in and say Happy October 2nd.  Only 29 more days until the big day!!

Just some horror talk real quick:

Saw the movie Drive just recently, while this of course is not a horror flick it still does a pretty good job with the gore element.  There are a few scenes in this movie that do an excellent job of giving you that “huh-did you see that?!?!” factor.

In other news:

I have made some pretty big life changing decisions over the past year and one of them has been to try my hand at some special effects make-up I hope to share part of my journey with you as I learn.  I’ll be posting some pictures of my trials on myself and friends as Halloween approaches.

You will of course also see all of your favorites as I mentioned yesterday and my awesomely spooky story you won’t want to miss.

I hope all of you mischief’s of gore are ready for this bloodfest of terror.

And I think we will all just have a really good time!!

So again, Happy October 2nd!!  I’ll see you soon…….

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