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Day four…. Attack of the VIRUS!!!!

Question: I found a rubber decapitated, bloody, maggot, puss filled, hanging by chains head at the Halloween store (it was very awesome I must say) I live in an apartment complex that roughly resembles a fish bowl.  Should I be concerned with offending anyone if I made the decision to decorate my patio with such a creative display of the horror of Halloween?

Just wondering, now I bet your asking yourself, “so what’s up with the virus?”

Well folks I have been attacked….. well that is to say that at least my computer was attacked.  I or rather my computer unfortunately over the past few days has been very sick.  I was forced to wipe the system clean and start over, needless to say I was computer-less for a short time.  I apologize.

With that being said I have also lost a bit of material that I planned to add to the site.  I hope you folks still stick around.  We are of course still early within the month and there is plenty of time for some very awesome things.

A little Halloween talk:

I went to the Halloween Spirit store yesterday, I must say it did the job of vamping me up for the month ahead.  With the large array of make-up effects it has provided me with many creative ideas that I have planned for the countdown.  Not to mention there large supply of decorations.  The thought of party brewed in my head.

27 days left……

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