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Day Twentytwo……

The Zombies walk,

The Psychos stalk,

Out for your blood.

The creeps have come,

The freaks have come,

The Creep Show has begun.

*If you click on the white space you will see the clip!!!  I promise, I apologize for the way this looks.

Day 22, I’m so excited that after this weekend we have ourselves a week long countdown that’s sure to give the ultimate creep out.  On kind of a side note I’m curious to know how many of you are aware of the importance of this October.  Apparently this October is a little special because we have 5 full weekends.  Some are saying that this only happens like every 800 years.  Now after doing some research this might not be totally true.  So I think it is safe to say that at least this doesn’t happen very often therefore making it a little special.  Ok enough of that, on with the Creep Scene!!!!

I love this car, I love this movie, the soundtrack is brilliant and its frickin Carpenter!!!  Christine is so beautiful, and truly creepy I salute her today with her lovely kill to Moochie Welch.  Christine doesn’t take crap from anyone and she lets you know how things are going down.

Costume pick of the day: I’m having a tough time here and I’m not sure what to pick.  Just cause I think it would be funny you would have to be willing to throw down so serious cash I would imagine, why not go as Chewbacca?  You would just have to get his voice/sound down right.

Treat of the day: These used to be pretty popular when I was in high school.  It was actually a really smart idea.  Carmel Apple pops?!?!?  Gotta love them!!