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Nothing special today just wanted to share some fun pictures with everyone.  I hope everyone got a fun creep out from the site and remember to come back next year for more creeps and scares!!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!





























































A Halloween Story……

I wrote this last year and wanted to share it again this year…..



Twas the nightmare before Halloween when all through the place, not a zombie was stirring, no not even a trace. The bodies were hung by their coffins with care, in hopes that the devil soon would be there. The vampires were snug all tight in their tombs, while visions of blood swirled into their doom. The spawn in her kerchief and I in my noose, had just settled our brains for a sip of the juice. When out in the graveyard there rose such a shatter, I sprang from tomb to see what was the matter. Away to the window I zipped like a flash, threw open the bars and threw out the stash. The moon gazed down on the new fallen blood, gave the sickining of mid-day to objects that dug. But what to my spooky eyes did appear, but a creepy old sleigh and eight boney deer. With a fearful of sight and demon so quick, I knew in a moment it must be Sa-tin. More rapid than theives his monsters they came, he snarled and shouted them all by name. “Now Michael, Now Jason, Now Freddy and Gein, on Dexter on Lecter on Hannibal and Feigned, to the top of the ridge, to the top of wall! Now Kill away, Kill away, Kill away all!” As the dead monsters before, oh how the beasts they did fly, when they meet with a rush and mounted to sky. So up to the ridge top the monsters they flew, with a sleigh full of weapons and Satin too. And then in a heartbeat I heard on the roof, the scratching and clawing of each little hoof. As I drew in from the bars and was turning to some, down from the dungeons the devil had come. He was dressed all in red from his hoof to his horn, as his clothes were all tarnished and his face had been scorned. With a sack full of knives hung round his neck, he looked good and ready to give a good stick. He’s eyes were so black like the new fallen night, his cheeks were bulging from his fangs full of might. His crackling smile was giving me chills; I knew that he came to come get his thrills. The stump of a finger clenched tight in his teeth, while ashes and dust circled beneath. He had a deep face with horns might strong; I knew in a moment something was wrong. He was gory and bloody that old demon beast, and I cringed when I watched him, he was finding his feast. A glare of his eye and jerk of his head, I knew a flash that I soon might be dead. He snarled not a word and went straight to his work, grabbing the bodies and turned with a jerk. And laying his claw aside of his snout, he sprang to his sleigh and gave out a shout, “Now I will go with my beasts to the sky, until we meet on the day that you die.” He cracked his long whip and then in a flash, they were gone from the ridge with a bang and a clash. But I head him growl as he flew out of sight, “Beware one and all and sleep nice and tight!”

Day Twentyeight…..

2 more days till you get your kicks,

2 more days till you get your tricks.

Soon the ghouls will roam the street,

Please beware when you trick or treat!

Day 28!!!!  2 more days till the big day.  I’m a little bummed however because Halloween I know has changed since I was a kid.  I know that most towns don’t do neighborhood trick or treating and most of that stuff is done at like local malls.  I remember going out right after dinner with a pillowcase and staying out as late as your parents would let you.  You knew the houses that had the best candy and it was the best night of your life.   It meant you got to be someone else for the night and guaranteed candy in your lunch for the next month.

Now that I am older I can’t on this time of year for some good ol’ grown up scares and tricks.  This is the perfect time of year for some great movies and some awesome “big people” parties.  Well getting on with today’s creep scene, I’m gonna pick another from The Shining.  I’m sure some still want to see the classic “hallway scene” so here it.  “Hello Danny, come and play with us” oooh chills….

Costume pick of the day: You know its every girls dream to be this cute little fairy.  She is a little feisty and of course pretty.  Go as Tinkerbell, it’s a sexy little outfit for a fun night out on the town.






Treat of the day: You won’t be able to find these and definitely won’t be able to pass them out this year to the kids, they to my knowledge might have even stopped production on them.  Well my local candy store doesn’t sell them anymore that’s for sure but they are one of my favorites.  TART N TINYS!!!!

Day Twentysix….

Creepy crawlies in the night,

They come out to look for fight.

Among their chamber bed they wait,

They will soon seal your fate.

No excuse guys, my internet has been down for the past 2 days, frickin Comcast.  Anyways totally my bad you are missing out on my creep scenes.  I feel bad for not having an official 5 day countdown.  But let’s look on the bright side we only got 3 days left to go and it’s HALLOWEEN!!!  I’m soo excited I gotta tell ya it’s a great feeling this time of year.

I watched a movie the other day I found on Netflix and I was hoping to share a scene with you.  It’s a little newer of a movie I think and it was hard to find one awesome specific scene from this movie.   Looks like you can find the full movie in parts on youtube, but at least check out this preview.  This movie is F***ED UP!!!  CRAZY!!!  I can’t even really explain it, it’s just, twisted!!

Costume pick of the day: I saw this costume today actually and thought it was the BEST idea.  I saw twins that were dressed as Umpa-Lumpas.  It was awesome, they were the great originals too!!  Can’t get any more original than that.  Tell me when you have seen this costume?  hahahahahahahah AWESOME!!







Treat of the day: BUBBLE TAPE!!  I used to love bubble gum growing up and this stuff was great!!

Day Twentythree……

Bloody knives and spooky scenes,

Murderous psychos and horrible feigns.

Monsters with their angry wraths,

Killers come for blood baths.

Day 23 and I’m sorry but today is going to be short and sweet.  I’m skippin the foreplay and getting this spookfest started.  Today’s creep scene is going to one of my favorite movies of all time, The Shining.  I know I could have picked the classic “hallway” scene, but I decided to go with this little piece.  This kid absolutely freaks me out and he does such a great job here.  “Redrum, Redrum, Redrum!!”  I love it!!  The knife, the lipstick “redrum”, the music it’s a great scene that I think goes a long way.

Costume pick of the day: Ok I’m sorry I had to post this.  My boyfriend and I stopped by the Halloween store and we were just goofing around.  Go as Obama, hey it’s scary!!  Hee Hee!!





Treat of the day: SOUR PUNCH STRAWS!!!  I know you can’t pass these out for Halloween but they are so my favorite.  I know its crazy sugar but actually using them as straws for soda isn’t all that bad!!  Give it a try!

Day Twentytwo……

The Zombies walk,

The Psychos stalk,

Out for your blood.

The creeps have come,

The freaks have come,

The Creep Show has begun.

*If you click on the white space you will see the clip!!!  I promise, I apologize for the way this looks.

Day 22, I’m so excited that after this weekend we have ourselves a week long countdown that’s sure to give the ultimate creep out.  On kind of a side note I’m curious to know how many of you are aware of the importance of this October.  Apparently this October is a little special because we have 5 full weekends.  Some are saying that this only happens like every 800 years.  Now after doing some research this might not be totally true.  So I think it is safe to say that at least this doesn’t happen very often therefore making it a little special.  Ok enough of that, on with the Creep Scene!!!!

I love this car, I love this movie, the soundtrack is brilliant and its frickin Carpenter!!!  Christine is so beautiful, and truly creepy I salute her today with her lovely kill to Moochie Welch.  Christine doesn’t take crap from anyone and she lets you know how things are going down.

Costume pick of the day: I’m having a tough time here and I’m not sure what to pick.  Just cause I think it would be funny you would have to be willing to throw down so serious cash I would imagine, why not go as Chewbacca?  You would just have to get his voice/sound down right.

Treat of the day: These used to be pretty popular when I was in high school.  It was actually a really smart idea.  Carmel Apple pops?!?!?  Gotta love them!!

Day Twenty One…..

The days are coming to a close,

Beware of ghouls, monsters, foes.

In the night they scream and howl,

Waiting for something fowl.

Day 21 and I believe if my calculations are correct we are at a 10 day count down!!  Pretty exciting stuff!!  It’s rather late for this post I know, it’s been a rather long day for me and I’m just now getting a chance to sit at my computer.  I’ll just get right into it.   Someone suggested this clip from The Thing for me and I have to say it’s pretty awesome.  I am sad to say that I actually have never seen this movie, but after watching this awesomely creepy scene I think I’ll give it a whirl.  Blood testing, ewww.

Costume pick of the day: As mentioned yesterday we are coming down to the wire and not much time to get too creative with making anything fancy.  So from here on out I’m going to have to pick some store bought options.  So for my first suggestion I’m going with Sally from a Nightmare before Christmas.  I love this movie and I love her character, would be fun to dress up as for your upcoming Halloween bash.  Or for my guys out there, there is always Jack Skelington.  Aww it could be a couple’s costume!!  How cute!!






Treat of the day: One for all and all for one!!  It’s the smooth and I believe low in fat, 3 Musketeers bar.  SO light, it floats!! 🙂